H 2 M Y


A revolutionary heating solution from H2My: The hydrogen burner for existing oil heating systems

H2My introduces the latest breakthrough in heating technology: our hydrogen burner, designed for seamless integration into almost any existing oil heating system. This innovative solution offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional oil burner, with significantly lower costs and minimal technical effort.

Easy replacement, significant savings:
The hydrogen burner from H2My can be installed directly into existing oil heating systems without extensive modifications. This simple replacement of the old oil burner saves significantly compared to the cost of a complete heating system replacement. Our customers will benefit from this environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution, which will also quickly pay for itself.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly:
Our hydrogen burner will use hydrogen as fuel, which does not release any CO₂ emissions when burned. This clean technology not only supports the environmental goals of private households, but also makes a significant contribution to reducing global CO₂ pollution. H2My is committed to a greener future and offers products that are both environmentally friendly and high-performance.

Easy operation and maintenance:
The hydrogen burners to be developed by H2My will not only be easy to install, but also uncomplicated to operate and maintain. We rely on high-quality materials and intelligent construction to ensure the reliability and longevity of our products. Future customers will enjoy the advantage of low maintenance costs and efficient heating performance.