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Innovative hydrogen solutions from H2My - energy efficiency reimagined

Our focus is on developing, selling and leasing advanced technologies and software for hydrogen production and hydrogen storage.

Today we invite companies from industry, aerospace and private households to discover the benefits of our cutting-edge solutions and join the hydrogen revolution.

Tailor-made solutions for every sector

H2My offers specialized technologies tailored to the unique needs of different application areas:

Our technologies for blast furnaces help industrial plants to increase their energy efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions. By using our advanced hydrogen technology, you can optimize your production processes and make them more sustainable.

For the space industry, we offer innovative hydrogen solutions for rocket engines that provide an efficient and reliable energy source. Our technologies are designed to meet the extreme demands of space travel and deliver performance that paves the way for future missions.

Private applications:
We also have effective solutions for private households. Our hydrogen heating systems offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating methods, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

Technology that convinces

The technologies and software developed and offered by H2My are the result of years of research and development. Our products are not only innovative but also user-friendly and are complemented by comprehensive services that include purchase, installation and maintenance.

Flexible purchase and rental options

We understand that every organization has different needs and budgets. That's why we offer flexible options for purchasing or renting our technologies. This allows our customers to access the latest hydrogen technology without having to commit to a long-term contract or making high initial investments.

About H2My

H2My is an innovative developer and provider of hydrogen technologies and software solutions dedicated to promoting sustainable energy solutions for a wide range of industries. With a passion for innovation and quality, H2My helps companies worldwide achieve their energy goals and make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

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