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H2My: Your partner for advanced hydrogen technologies and customized software solutions

We are at the heart of the hydrogen revolution by offering innovative technologies and customized software solutions for hydrogen production and hydrogen storage.

Our comprehensive offering is aimed at industry, aerospace and private applications. We invite companies and households to benefit from our cutting-edge solutions and become part of a sustainable future.

Our expertise in hydrogen technologies

H2My develops, sells and distributes cutting-edge technologies for a wide range of applications:

Our blast furnace technologies enable industrial companies to optimize their processes and reduce CO2 emissions. By using our hydrogen solutions, you increase your energy efficiency and actively contribute to environmental protection.

Space travel:
We offer advanced hydrogen technologies for rocket propulsion that provide an efficient and reliable energy source. Our solutions are specifically designed for the demanding conditions of space travel and support your missions with the highest precision.

Private applications:
Our hydrogen heating systems offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional heating methods. Enjoy the benefits of a sustainable heating solution that reduces your energy costs and protects the environment.

Tailor-made software solutions for maximum efficiency

In addition to our technologies, we offer specialized software solutions that are individually tailored to your needs:

API and COM interfaces:
Our software solutions are flexible and can be seamlessly integrated into existing and future equipment. They enable easy control and monitoring of your hydrogen systems.

Individual adjustments:
H2My develops specific software solutions for each technology to ensure maximum efficiency and user-friendliness. Our tailor-made programs optimally support your processes and adapt to your individual requirements.

Your advantages with H2My

Innovative technology:
Benefit from our advanced hydrogen solutions based on cutting-edge research and development.

Tailor-made software:
Get software solutions that are specifically tailored to your devices and needs.

Environmental friendliness:
Actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and promote sustainable energy use.

Cost efficiency:
Reduce your operating costs by using efficient and sustainable technologies.

We have been an innovative company in the development and provision of customized software for 30 years.

Example: Control panel for water purification technologies with electrolysis


Real-time monitoring:
Displays the current status of the water purification process.
Water quality metrics (pH, TDS, temperature).
System health indicators (voltage, current, power consumption).

System warnings:
Notifications for maintenance, errors or abnormal readings.

Performance diagrams:
Visual representation of historical data and trends.

Control settings

Operating modes:
Manual mode
Automatic mode
Scheduled mode

Adjustable parameters:
Voltage control
Current control
Flow rate adjustment

Start/stop control:
Buttons to start or stop the electrolysis process.

Water Quality Management

Water Source Selection:
Choose between different input sources.

Target Quality Target:
Set the desired values ​​for the quality of the purified water.

Chemical Balancing:
Adjust the values ​​of the chemicals used in the process.

Maintenance and diagnostics

Scheduled maintenance reminders:
Alerts for regular maintenance tasks.

Self-diagnostic tools:
Automatic checks of system components.

Manual diagnostics:
Tools for manually checking system health and performance.

Data logging and reports

Historical data storage:
Access logs of past water quality and system performance data.

Create and export reports for regulatory compliance and analysis.

Data Export:
Export data in various formats (CSV, PDF) for further analysis.

User Management

Access Levels:
Different access levels for operators, managers and administrators.

User Activity Logs:
Track the actions performed by different users on the system.

Security Settings:
Configure password policies, two-factor authentication, etc.

Support and Help

Help Documentation:
Access to User manuals and troubleshooting guides.

Customer Support Contact:
Quick links to contact technical support.

Feedback and Updates:
Send feedback and check for software updates.

About H2My

We have been an innovative company in the development and delivery of customized software for 30 years.
We are committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions for industry, aerospace and private households. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, we help our customers achieve their energy goals and protect the environment.

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